Presentations using PDFLatex

Tired of using PowerPoint for slides? Need university-level math typesetting? You could try a combination of pdflatex, ppower4 and acroread.


LaTeX is a typesetting system. If you do not know it yet, have a look at the TeX users' group or its German equivalent. Pdflatex is a variant that outputs PDF documents. Most Linux distributions come with LaTeX, for other systems it may be one download away.


PPower4 is a PDF postprocessor that helps you unfold your slides step by step. It needs a JVM and can be downloaded for free (to the PPower4 homepage).


Assume you already have a ppower4 presentation. Then you load it into your Acrobat Reader, switch to full screen and there you are.

Making one

First, learn LaTeX. Done? OK, so now you can download my instant template. It uses make and a slice filter (included, needs Python) in order to automatically generate from a master LaTeX file, which is up to you to extend.

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